Unleash Your Inner Wolf: Celebrating Lupercalia with Witchy Yoga Girl!

February 15th isn't just the day after Valentine's Day for witchy folks! While romantic love gets its moment, we celebrate the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a vibrant and primal ode to fertility, purification, and wild abandon.


What is Lupercalia?

More than just a fertility festival, Lupercalia was a joyous celebration of community, purification, and the raw power of nature. Activities included playful matchmaking rituals, goat sacrifices (symbolic, not required at Witchy Yoga Girl!), and celebratory feasts. Most commonly celebrated from February 13-15.


How can you celebrate Lupercalia with Witchy Yoga Girl?

While we can't recreate ancient Roman rituals exactly, we can harness the spirit of Lupercalia with modern activities that align with our witchy values:

  1. Purification Ritual: Start with a cleansing bath featuring purifying herbs like lavender, rosemary, and sage. Reflect on what you want to release from your life, letting the water wash away negativity. Follow with a guided meditation and sound bath at Witchy Yoga Girl February 15th at 7:45pm, to ground your energy.
  2. Fertility Craft: Tap into the fertility aspect of Lupercalia with a creative project. Plant seeds for your garden, make fertility symbols out of clay, or craft intention candles infused with fertility herbs like dandelion and mugwort. We have all the supplies you need in our store!
  3. Community Connection: Lupercalia was a community event! Gather your coven or fellow witches for a potluck featuring seasonal foods and celebratory drinks. Share stories, laugh, and connect with your tribe. Witchy Yoga Girl can host your private event, complete with decorations and ritual guidance.
  4. Embracing the Wild: Honor the wolf spirit, associated with Lupercalia, by connecting with nature. Take a night hike, dance under the moon, or practice a yoga flow inspired by animal movements. Unleash your playful side and reconnect with your primal energy.
  5. Love Ritual: While Lupercalia wasn't solely about romantic love, there's no harm in incorporating it! Write love letters to yourself or your partner, create a love potion (or a cocktail!), or perform a simple love spell. Embrace the joy and power of love in all its forms.

Remember, Lupercalia is a celebration of life, laughter, and community. Choose activities that resonate with you and create your own unique way to honor this ancient pagan tradition.

Witchy Yoga Girl is here to support you on your Lupercalia journey! Visit our store for ritual supplies, crystals, herbs, and festive decorations. Join our upcoming workshops and classes, or schedule a private event to connect with your fellow witches.

Let's unleash our inner wolves together and celebrate the vibrant spirit of Lupercalia!

Blessed be!

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