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Candle of the Month Club

Namaste, yogis and witches! Welcome to a new month, a fresh start, and a chance to harness the potent magic of the moon with our Candle of the Month.

Crafted with intention and infused with the essence of intention, this celestial candle is your guide to unlocking your inner goddess, embracing intuition, and manifesting your desires under the silvery light of Luna.

Imagine this:

  • The soft glow of the candle illuminating your sacred space, casting dancing shadows that whisper secrets of the night.
  • The calming scents filling the air, inviting deep breaths and quiet contemplation.
  • The gentle crackle of the wick, a rhythm that echoes the pulse of the universe and your own beating heart.

WYG Candles are more than just a candle; it's a portal. A portal to awaken your intuition, tap into your lunar energy, and manifest your dreams with the power of the cosmos. ✨

Here's what makes this candle so special:

  • Scents: These calming oils soothe the mind, promote relaxation, and open the heart to love and compassion.
  • Hand-poured with love and intention: Every candle is made with care, ensuring you receive a truly magical experience.

How to use your Magic Candle:

  • Set your intentions. What do you wish to manifest under the moon's watchful gaze? Love, abundance, creativity?
  • Light the candle and gaze into its flame,allowing your intentions to blend with the lunar energy.
  • Practice moonlit meditations, journaling, or affirmations to amplify your desires.
  • Let the candle burn down naturally, releasing your intentions into the universe.

It's a reminder that you are a powerful being, capable of shaping your own destiny under the guidance of the moon. So light up your night, embrace the magic, and let your intuition guide you to a brighter future. ✨

Remember, the universe is listening. ✨


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