An introduction to Hermetic Principles. 


Written by: Christian 

Have you ever wondered why “Magick” works in the first place? Whether it’s prayer, meditation, tarot or ritual work. How is it possible? What are we really working with?

In order to answer these questions and more, I’m writing this series of blogs on the Hermetic Principles. A proper understanding of these fundamentals will vastly improve the quality of your magical work.

These principles and a brief description thereof are as follows:

•Mentalism: The fundamental reality of the material universe is, for lack of a better word, consciousness. Everything that appears to be a separate, individual “thing” is made up of and has its existence in this Universal Mind.

•Correspondence: “As above, so below; as below so above”. This principle is a tool to help us understand what would otherwise be unknowable. By relating things we can know, to those we cannot, through correspondences, we can come to unravel the mysteries.

•Vibration: Here we will discover how all of the different “forms” (you, me, trees, rocks, energy, thoughts, etc..) we interact with are able to manifest from the Universal Mind and how we can use our minds to intentionally interact with the conscious substance of reality.

•Polarity: Everything is dual, everything has it’s opposite. All “things” have their unity in the Universal Mind.

However, from our limited relative perspective there are what appear to be opposites. Here we come to understand the relation between them, that opposites are two extremes of the same “thing”. We will also discuss how to move up or down this scale to find the balance point and begin creating harmony.

•Rhythm: Between the poles discussed in the principle of Polarity, there are cycles, waves and patterns. All things compensate. Here we will learn to identify and make use of these shifts, rather than allowing them to use us.

•Cause and Effect: What we consider to be luck or chance, is actually natural law manifesting through chain reactions. Many of the situations and scenarios in our lives that cause us to feel like victims are, in reality, under our control. This principle requires a great deal of honesty, humility and accountability. Mastery of it will enable you to become a powerful conscious creator in your life.

•Gender: I prefer to use the term Complimentary Forces. Male/Female, Active/Passive, Force/Form, Etc… All things contain both principles. This principle applies to all planes of creation. Here we will learn how the two dance, interact, and unify. This is the secret to creation.

Upcoming blogs will each focus on a specific principle, going into greater detail in order to help you fully understand and master them.

I will be using my experience as a student of comparative religion and perennial philosophy to occasionally include quotes from various Masters from the past. I do this in order to show that these are universal truths, transcending time, geography and cultural dogma.

Thank you for reading, and for being a part of the journey. Take care.