Harness the Waning Moon & Post-Virgo Full Moon: Witchy Yoga, Candle Magic, & Healing (February 25th - March 3rd)

Hey Little Witches!

While the New Moon awaits on March 10th, the waning Moon or dark moon offers potent witchcraft and healing energies for reflection and release. It is a very significant moon phase and is often left off people's radars. Embrace this phase with Witchy Yoga Girl and integrate the powerful lessons from the recent Virgo Full Moon (Feb 24th) into your practice.

Harness the Virgo Full Moon Energy:

  • Declutter & Refine: Employ the Full Moon's organization power to cleanse your space (physical & mental) and refine your approach to life. Witchcraft Tip: Create spell jars with specific ingredients or write detailed affirmations for clarity.
  • Self-care & Growth: Prioritize healing practices like yoga and meditation. Yoga Classes: Join our Yin Yoga (Feb 27th) and Restorative Yoga (Feb 28th) classes for deep relaxation and Full Moon integration. Meditation and Energy Healing Classes: Join us on our Thursday evening Reiki Infused Sound Bath Meditation.
  • Practical Magic: Leverage Virgo's analytical spirit by crafting intention candles during our candle making workshops (check our website!). Find crystals and herbs at our store to amplify your spells.

Waning Moon Ritual for Release & New Beginnings:

  1. Cleanse & Ground: Cleanse your space with smoke or incense. Light a dark moon candle and draw yourself a ritual bath with 2 cups of Epsom salt and some rose petals and Egyptian blue lotus.
  2. Full Moon Reflection: Reflect on the Virgo Full Moon's guidance and express gratitude through journaling.
  3. Release & More Releasing: Write down anything you wish to let go of, be it negativity, limiting beliefs, or habits. Witch Tip: Burn your list safely in a fire safe container or symbolically release it in running water.
  4. Manifestation Power: Set clear intentions for the New Moon. Practice meditation or mindful breathing to attract desired outcomes.

Join our Witchy Yoga Classes:

  • Tuesday, Feb 27th, 7:30 PM: Yin Yoga - Deep relaxation & release
  • Wednesday, Feb 28th, 7:30 PM: Restorative Yoga - Integrate Full Moon energy
  • Saturday, March 3rd, 10:00 AM: Hatha Flow - Balance & clarity through mindful movement
Embrace the waning moon's power for release and utilize the lingering energies of the Virgo Full Moon to refine your intentions. Blessed be!