Hi there, I’m Sheena, the Witchy Yoga Girl.

I wanted to share how I started my yoga journey in June 2020. Fibromyalgia started kicking my ass early in 2019 and I had gotten to a place where I knew I couldn’t live like that any longer.

I attended a neighborhood yoga class to support a neighbor who had just gotten her teaching license. Well, she saved my life and helped me become The Witchy Yoga Girl. We started by committing to one hour long class every Tuesday morning. I have had to cancel on a lot of people in the last year and a half from Fibromyalgia but I’ve only cancelled on my Tuesday morning yoga class 3-4 times. I refuse to skip. We adjust the planned classes that are scheduled often because of my fibromyalgia and however I may be feeling that week or how my strength is, but we still do the full hour class.

This has held me accountable each week. Now I LOVE yoga, everything it is, everything it stands for and how I feel when I do it or after. It didn’t take long to feel this way. Thank you, Annette for everything. I owe you so much more than I could ever pay. 

Stay witchy, friends.