Hey little witches, 

Want to start learning more about tarot?

Let’s start with my favorite one - The High Priestess 

Keywords: intuition, feminine wisdom, hidden knowledge, secrecy, initiation, receptivity, spirituality, the inner world

Attributes:  Moon

General meaning:  The High Priestess is all about trusting that killer instinct you have within yourself.  Got a hunch about something? Go with it.  This is time to really listen to your gut.  Before making a decision of power, look within and seek out the answers.  They are there.  You don’t need confirmation from anyone but your own divine self.  This card is also about keeping secrets.  If someone confides in you, keep that dirt on the down-low.

Reversed:  You’ve lost touch with your own mojo. Time to get back to the source.  Turn off the outer noise so that you can hear the inner voice.  Bad vibes.  This is not the time to reveal your top-secret plans.  Too many big mouths around you – or maybe you got the loose lips?  Bitches can be snitches.

Affirmation: “All the answers I need are within myself.  I trust my own intuition.”